Lauren Olson

About Me


10th and 11th floor ;)

De Boelelaan 1111

1081 HV Amsterdam

Hi! I’m interested in how human factors are embedded in software systems, ethics, conversational AI, and shifting software development to be user-centered. I’m currently a PhD student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, supervised by Emitzà Guzmàn, Florian Kunneman, Patricia Lago, and Koen Hindriks, and participating in both the Software and Sustainability and Social AI groups. Currently, I’m working on multiple projects at the intersection of my interests.

If you’re interested in human factors in software, please feel free to join the Human Factors Club I run at VU Amsterdam.

selected publications

  1. Along the Margins: Marginalized Communities’ Ethical Concerns about Social Platforms
    Lauren Olson, Emitza Guzman Ortega, and Florian Kunneman
    In 45th International Conference on Software Engineering, 2023